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REQUESTID = The service request number. This should be shown as an integer without decimals. 5-digit REQUESTIDs were imported from the Recycling Hotline’s prior tracking system when they switched to the same system as the Oakland Call Center in August 2012. All others are 6 digits.
DATETIMEINIT = The Date that the request was initiated.
SOURCE = Indicates if the request was received via SeeClickFix or the OAK 311 mobile app, via the legacy Report A Problem website, or via (Phone or Email).
DESCRIPTION = Type of issue. Most of these are self-explanatory. Notes: “test template” and “This is a test subject. Ignore this ticket.” were for testing/training purposes only. Descriptions starting with “Business” “City Services” “CityBldg” (no space) “Events” “Misc” are/were used by the Recycling Hotline “TE” means “Traffic Engineering”
REQCATEGORY = Request Category
REQADDRESS = Request Address An address of ZZ indicates that the address was not recorded, usually this is for general inquiries to the Recycling Hotline.
STATUS = The status as of date of upload. PENDING: Request received for review OPEN: Request assigned to work unit WOCREATE: Work Order created for work to be done (not all work units use this status, so Open service requests may also have work orders created for work to be done) CLOSED: Request is resolved REFERRED: Oakland Call Center received the request and forwarded it to another entity (see REFERREDTO) UNFUNDED: Request is for an service that the City is not funded to provide CANCEL: Request was canceled, generally because it was created erroneously, it was used for testing/training, or it is a request that was received that duplicated an existing unresolved request WAITING ON CUSTOMER: Request involves a process where customer needs to provide information requested by staff EVALUATED - NO FURTHER ACTION: Staff has evaluated the service request and no further action will be taken (e.g., limited resources, temporary issue, staff alerted to ongoing issue, professional judgement says to leave situation as-is, unable to provide requested action) GONE ON ARRIVAL: Staff went to location and was unable to verify the issue
DATETIMECLOSED = The Date that the request was closed
SRX, SRY= Coordinates of the issue. Note that this is in NAD_1983_StatePlane_California_III_FIPS_0403_Feet, not latitude/longitude.
REFERREDTO = If the status is Referred, this shows who it was referred to.
COUNCILDISTRICT = City Council District of the REQADDRESS.
BEAT = Police Beat of the REQADDRESS (see for a map of police beats)

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